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The Great Harvest Story


  You could probably say that Great Harvest first began in 1972 in the kitchen of Pete Wakeman's Mom in Durham, Connecticut. Pete and his soon-to-be wife, Laura, were baking eight loaves of bread a day which they would then sell on a roadside table. Soon the eight loaves turned into fifty, and the couple had four ovens going in Mom Wakeman's garage.

  In 1976 Pete and Laura moved out to Great Falls, Montana and opened up their own bakery – Great Harvest. The project was phenomenally successful, and since that time many people have approached the couple eager to learn how to bake their brand of yummy bread, including us.

  Pete and Laura's vision has been to help create a group of bakeries that maintain the honest, homey individuality of their original bakery in Great Falls. To do that, they've designed a unique franchise that joins owners into a loose network of entrepreneurs. As it stands, we have the freedom to experiment with our bakeries, and at the same time remain closely tied to a group of people just as devoted to making great bread as we are.   Pete and  Laura wouldn't have it any other way!