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Great Harvest Bread - Johns Creek and Alpharetta

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Great Harvest has tasty and unique gifts for teachers and Back to School care packages.


At Great Harvest, we specialize in baking with whole grains including Montana Red, Summer White, Spelt, Rye, Durum and Kamut.  Whole grains are a true super food offering the greatest nutritional bang for the bite.  And we're experts at making our whole grain bread taste phenomenal.

Great Harvest is a “from-scratch”, whole grain bakery. We bake many varieties of bread, cookies, scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls and other items fresh every day. Our products are so “from-scratch” that we even grind our own wheat. We buy the highest quality Montana wheat, grind it into flour using a real stone mill, then bake with it within 24 hours. That fresh ground, whole grain flour has more nutritional value and great taste than you’ll find in any other bread.

We use no preservatives and nothing artificial. Our premiere bread, Honey Whole Wheat, contains just five ingredients; stone ground Montana wheat, light amber honey from local hives in south Georgia, salt, yeast and filtered water.





Come in and grab a free slice of hot, fresh, from-scratch bread from our breadboard. Try as many varieties as you like. It’s the best bread you’ll ever eat. We promise!

See you at the bakery,
Sunny & Dee